InPage offers a complete programmatic buying platform

That reaches always-connected consumers when and where it matters via top-tier inventory across screens and formats, our real-time insights make all ad buys count.

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“Programmatic buying is efficient and effective, It plays a leading role in building our clients brands. InPage has given me the data and confidence to know that our clients are receiving the best possible solutions and impact available”

Vonda Meekin Wilcox – CEO, 2Right

Real-time data and unified insights allow InPage to understand your audience

Our integrated and open platform lets InPage organize and segment audience data from any source. Allowing Inpage to act on insights in real time utilizing proprietary technology for bidding, targeting and optimization.

Control cross-screen campaigns

Campaigns are often complex, yet managing them is not. InPage creates, runs, and measures campaigns across mobile, desktop and video, all in one.

Measure what matters

InPage integrates full-funnel measurement ensuring that your ads are seen by the right audience, whether they changed perceptions, and what consumers did as a result. We analyze and make adjustments in real time to hit your brand and performance goals.


We offer a range of programmatic buying options, including programmatic guaranteed, direct deals, and open exchange. Using out marketplace we plan, discover and buy premium media, bring existing reservation buys into programmatic channels to increase reach, reduce frequency, and eliminate duplicate buys.

A consolidated buying and targeting workflow simplifies campaign management across formats. We find your consumers on any device with single device-aware tags, HTML5 support, and mobile targeting. Device-aware algorithms get your message to your customers, wherever they are.

We offer brand-safe video and full-episode TV programmatically, from across the web. Purchasing video with transparency, efficiency, and control through our premium video marketplace.

Integration with leading Verification solutions makes verifying campaigns a seamless part of our workflow. Brand safety filters ensure control at the keyword, page and site level, ensuring that you get what you pay for.

InPage finds your existing and new customers based on demographics, interests and purchase intent. Reaching the right audience with first-party, third-party, or proprietary data, plus best-in-class contextual targeting.

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