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Ad Exchange
InPage Ad Exchange

RTB Exchange

Our open, real-time bidding (RTB) system enables Advertisers to purchase what they want, when they want it.

Buyers can leverage their own data and algorithms for greater control over media spend.

Publishers earn a higher eCPM as advertisers unlock the value of each impression.
Ad Exchange Transparency
Transparent Ad Exchange


Real-time user information eliminates assumptions about audiences, adding value to each individual impression.

Unlock value, reach the right user, in the right place, at the right time.

Over 90% of our bid calls contain the full URL.
Ad Exchange Insights
Text ads


Drive smarter, more informed, targeted interaction with your users through real-time user insights.

31 Individual impression-level data attributes including referrer URL and fold count position, improves insight, transparancy and brand safety.
Target ads
Target ads

Ad Targeting

  • 400+ Content Channels.
  • 31 Individual impression-level data attributes.
  • Retargeting.
  • Geo targeting (down to city level).
  • Time of day, day of week.
  • Specific dates and ranges.
  • Single site, rate and key access.
  • Private auctions.
Full screen ads
InPage Self Service Ad Exchange

Self Service

Our self-service desks give advertisers and publishers full control over their online environment.

Take control, drive results.

Tweak your campaigns and ad tags in real-time to ensure the best performance from your advertising.
InPage Advertisers

Our real time bidding exchange lets you reach your audience spot-on each time, every time.

  • Target your audience on sites that suit them best.
  • Reach your customers where they live.
  • Adjust campaigns in real-time, based on what works.
  • One system for managing mobile and web.
  • Bid either CPC or CPM, increase ROI.
  • Set up your campaigns in less that 5 minutes.
  • Start with a initial deposit of only $25!
InPage Advertisers
InPage Publishers

Better performing Advertising campaigns, through a truly competitive Real Time Bidding environment:

  • Unlocks the value of each individual impression.
  • Increases your revenue from overall eCPM lift.
  • Name your price, set the eCPM for our exchange to beat.
  • Automatic fallback to other networks if we don't beat your set eCPM.
  • Extensive campaign management and reporting.
  • Tweak Ad Tag performance settings in real time.
InPage Publishers