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With online advertising spend growing all the time, Web site owners are seeking to capture their share of the money, while at the same time striking a balance between the urge to generate further revenue in this manner and the need to keep the look and feel of the site from becoming too cluttered with banners and other adverts.

Two factors hinder the growth of online advertising ­ namely the fact that there is only so much space to allocate to ads without cluttering the site too much and the fact that it is difficult to accurately gauge the effectiveness of such advertising.

InPage Incorporated, an international advertising solutions company, has created a concept that will revolutionise the online advertising industry, as it not only places adverts in a space outside of the usual confines of the Web page, but it also brings television-style advertising to the Internet for the first time.

What InPage has done is to develop a solution that allows for full motion, full video, full sound adverts to be delivered into a space where no ads are currently being flighted, namely in the white space between Internet pages, says InPage CEO, Grant Jackson.

No matter how fast your Internet connection, there is a latency between pages loading up, so what InPage does is to run the advert during these few moments to what is ­ in effect ­ a captive audience.

He says that not only is InPage both browser and operating system agnostic, it is also designed to scale with the browser window, so no matter what the size or resolution your screen, the advert will fit to it perfectly.

One of the best things of all is that InPage doesn’t require any code insertion into the Web site in order to get it up and running, he continues.

Brand awareness and recognition are the critical elements that any serious advertiser focuses on, and because InPage is full screen advertising, you can brand like never before on the Internet.

Jackson says that InPage caters to three particular target audiences, namely the publishers of Web sites, advertisers and agencies.

InPages offering goes a step further than normal TV-style adverts, as we also provide online campaign management that is real time. In the same way that you would create and flight a campaign for TV, we offer you the ability to do this online.

The main difference is that we do not set the time of day the ad will flight, because on the Net the key advertising time is whenever the individual is logged on to the particular site, but we can load ads and multiple sets thereof to run on multiple days, single days, different days of the week, or on contextually-targeted Web sites.

There is a real time reporting engine available to the user as well, so that the status of an advertising campaign can be checked in detail ­ whether it is the number of ads flighted, which countries they are being flighted in, the number of impressions and ­ because you can link the advert to the advertiser’s own Web site  you can check the number of click-throughs and therefore get a ratio of the cost per impression versus the cost per click.

Advertisers and agencies can come to our public network sites to place their campaigns and after they have profiled themselves with us, we can ensure that relevant adverts are targeted towards relevant Web sites, with the site owners earning a portion of the ad revenue, says Jackson.

By the same token, private sites that do not want just any advertising to be run on them will be given a security key for their advertisers, and these can also have the days and dates that they can be used set, so even the accredited advertisers can only place their ads according to the site owners specifications.